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Hour 2. Drawing and Painting Original Ar... > Task: Use Snap to Draw Perfect Shape...

Task: Use Snap to Draw Perfect Shapes and Connect Objects

This task walks you through some of the amazing ways Snap helps you draw. Here are the steps:

First, confirm that Snap to Objects is selected in the View menu. Select the Rectangle tool. While you click and drag, if you're anywhere close to drawing a perfect square, you'll see the dark ring appear near your cursor (see Figure 2.31).

Figure 2.31. While dragging with the Rectangle tool, a dark ring appears (provided Snap to Objects is turned on), which will help you create a perfect square.

Select the Line tool and draw a line at a 45-degree angle elsewhere on the Stage. This time you'll have to hold Shift as you draw the line to constrain to 45 degrees.

Now you're going to connect the top of the line to a corner of the square. Select the Arrow tool and make sure before you click and drag the end of the line that the cursor changes to show the corner tail. You can then click and drag to extend the line, and you'll see it snap to the square. Keep dragging and notice how it can snap to a corner or a side. (There are several different logical locations on the square.) Snap the line to a corner.

The last step probably changed the angle of your line, so select Edit, Undo (Ctrl+Z) and try again. This time, single-click the line to select the whole thing; then click the end of the line and drag to move it. You should be able to snap the end of the line to the corner of the square (this time without changing any angles). The only touchy part of this step is that, once the line is selected, if you don't “pick up” and drag the line from the endpoint or the middle, you won't see the dark ring. If you don't see the dark ring, let go and try picking up the line again.

Now draw two lines near the diagonal line that are almost parallel to it.

Use the Arrow tool to extend (by dragging) the endpoints of the two lines. Extend one end to connect to another corner of the square and the other end to the end of the 45-degree line, as shown in Figure 2.32.

Figure 2.32. You can extend lines to connect endpoints by dragging.

To prove that everything is truly snapped together, use the Arrow tool to drag the corner point where all three lines merge. If everything is snapped properly, all three lines will move at once and won't disconnect from the object to which they're snapped.



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