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Hour 1. Basics > Workshop


The quiz and exercise questions are designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this hour.


1:How do you open and edit an .swf file?
  1. You can't, and unless you have a backup of the .fla file, you're out of luck.

  2. Simply use the File, Open menu.

  3. You can import it from the File, Import menu.

A1: A. Generally, you can't do anything but watch an .swf file. Truth be told, you can actually import an .swf file (as in Answer C). However, this won't work if (when exporting the .swf file in the first place) you specified Protect from Import in the Publish Settings, Flash tab. Also, when you do import an .swf file, just the sequence of frames is imported (no interactivity), so it's rarely very useful.
2:How can you make your animation appear to play really fast?
  1. Crank up the frame rate in the Movie Properties dialog box to 120.

  2. Trick the user by employing age-old animation techniques.

  3. Run the movie on the fastest computer you can find.

A2: B. Although increasing the frame rate to 120 fps (frames per second) will make Flash try to play quickly, the chances of it actually playing that fast are unlikely (depending on your computer). So, although Answer A is not entirely wrong, using age-old animation tricks (which are covered in Hour 7 and Hour 21) is the best way. Something doesn't actually have to move fast to appear to move fast.
3:What is the standard unit of measurement for Web pages and multimedia?
  1. Inches

  2. Centimeters

  3. Pixels

A3: C. This isn't an opinion. The standard is pixels.



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