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Hour 4. Applied Advanced Drawing Techniques > Task: Create a Custom Gradient

Task: Create a Custom Gradient

In this task you'll create custom gradient. Follow these steps:

This task requires that the Mixer is fully expanded and that the Swatches panel is present. Expand the Color Mixer panel and arrange the Swatches panel so both are undocked from each other.

Select Linear from the Fill style drop-down list. Notice that the Color Mixer panel changes in several ways. The fill and stroke swatches change to a single swatch (called a Color Proxy) and a gradation appears with a little arrow at each end. (See Figure 4.4.)

Figure 4.4. The Color Mixer panel changes when you make a gradation.

Either arrow (indicating the end of a gradient range) can be edited. The one with its triangle filled in black indicates that it's the one being edited currently. Click the one on the left (the white side), and the pointer head changes to black. Now edit this starting color by clicking to select a color of your choice in the Color Mixer panel's color bar, as shown in Figure 4.5.

Figure 4.5. With the left side of your gradient selected, you can use the Color Mixer panel to change the color.

Change the fill style drop-down list to Radial Gradient, and you'll see the Color Mixer panel change again.

Click the pointer on the right side of the gradient and then select a bright blue color. Remember that simply clicking in the color bar only selects a hue—you'll likely need to raise the brightness (by clicking in the white-to-black vertical gradient). You should now have a radial blend going from yellow to blue.

To add more colors to the gradient, just click underneath the gradient definition bar in the Color Mixer panel (the wide sample gradient). New pointers will appear that can be moved, and their colors can be edited. To remove a color, drag the pointer down (not left or right).

To save this gradient in your Swatches, either select Add Swatch in the Color Mixer panel's options arrow or just click in the Swatches panel to the right of the gradients already saved.



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