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Hour 4. Applied Advanced Drawing Techniq... > Task: Create a Custom Color and Swat...

Task: Create a Custom Color and Swatch

In this task you'll look at several ways to create colors and then save them as swatches for use later. Here are the steps to follow:

Make sure both the Color Mixer panel and the Swatches panel are visible.

In the Color Mixer panel, click the color bar, shown in Figure 4.1, and drag as you move through all the colors. Although this choice of colors isn't infinite, there are many more than 216 variations.

Figure 4.1. Selecting a color from the Color Mixer panel requires that you click the color bar.

You should notice as you move through the color bar that the numbers in the RGB fields (for red, green, blue) change. Colors are mixed from 256 “shades” of the colors red, green, and blue (with numerical values 0 to 255). These numerical values can be particularly useful. For example, a company that wants its logo colors to remain consistent can likely provide specific RGB values.

Another way to select a color is to sample it from somewhere else, even if it's outside Flash. Suppose you want to use the exact color of pink used in the Flash logo.

Press F1 to launch the help files and position your Web browser and Flash application so that you can see both at the same time.

In the Mixer panel or Tools panel click and hold the fill color and (as you drag) move to the “MX” in the Flash logo screen in the help file (see Figure 4.2). The current fill color will change to the exact same color as the Flash logo.

Figure 4.2. Sampling a color from outside Flash is possible. On the left side of the screen a Web page is positioned to sample.

Now that you've created a new color, you can use it immediately (just select the Brush tool and try it out). However, you'll now save it as a swatch so you can easily select it later (without using the Color Mixer panel). From the Color Mixer panel's options menu select Add Swatch. This takes the current color and adds it to the bottom of the Swatches panel. Alternatively, you can add a swatch by enlarging the Swatches panel and then click underneath all the swatches.

Scroll to the last color in the Swatches panel to find the new color. You'll also find this color any time you click to select a color for your fill color or stroke color (see Figure 4.3).

Figure 4.3. After a swatch is added, it will appear almost everywhere—as the fill color, the stroke color, and the text color.



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