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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered. Try to answer the questions before checking the answers.


1:How many frames can you use inside a Graphic symbol? How many inside a Movie Clip?
  1. One frame for a Graphic symbol, as many as you want for a Movie Clip.

  2. As many as you want for either.

  3. It doesn't matter how many frames you use in the master symbol, only whether the instance behaves like a Graphic, which can have one frame, or a Movie Clip, which can have as many as you want.

A1: B. You can use as many frames as you want in the creation of Movie Clips or Graphics. Depending on where you use Graphics, though, you may need to concern yourself with the number of frames the instances are given to live.
2:What happens if you name two symbols in the Library the same? What about naming two Movie Clip instances the same?
  1. You can't do either.

  2. You can't name two symbols the same, but there's no problem naming two instances the same.

  3. You can name two symbols or two instances the same, but it's a bad idea because Flash might lose one.

A2: B. Though there's no problem naming multiple instances the same, it may become a problem when you try addressing just one, such as when George Foreman addresses one of his many sons named George, Jr. But there's certainly no rule against it.
3:Since Movie Clips use much less file space, is there any reason to use Graphic symbols?
  1. No. You should avoid them always.

  2. Yes. Graphic symbols enable you to synchronize Graphics to the Timeline and sometimes even make the file play faster.

  3. Yes. Graphic symbols are easier on the eyes because they're prerendered (and antialiased).

A3: B. Some people actually agree with A (Graphic instances should be avoided), but for truly varied applications, using Movie Clips to simulate Graphic symbols can be problematic. Plus, who cares how big the file becomes if you're not delivering to the Web? Finally, if something saves you a ton of time in production, it could be worth the cost (of slightly larger file sizes)—especially if the cost doesn't turn out to be terribly significant.



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