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Hour 12. Animating Using Movie Clip and ... > Task: Use a Movie Clip to Make a Rot...

Task: Use a Movie Clip to Make a Rotating Wheel

Draw a circle with a few lines crossing it. Don't make it perfectly symmetrical—that way we'll be able to see it rotate, like in Figure 12.1. Select the entire shape and select Insert, Convert to Symbol (or press F8). Name it Wheel, choose Movie Clip behavior type, and then click OK. We're going to make a Movie Clip of the wheel spinning next, but we need a plain wheel first—remember that we can't Motion Tween anything but symbol instances.

Figure 12.1. This Wheel symbol will be easy to notice when it's rotating.

Onscreen you should have an instance of the Wheel symbol. Select the onscreen instance and convert it to a symbol. Select Insert, Convert to Symbol (or press F8), name it Rotating Wheel, make sure you leave Movie Clip as the behavior, and then click OK. I know we already had a symbol, but consider what converting to symbol does—it takes what's selected and puts it into the Library. In step 1 we put a shape in the Library. In this step we took an instance of the Wheel and put it in the Rotating Wheel symbol.

Now let's go inside the master version of Rotating Wheel. Simply double-click the instance onscreen. In the address bar you should see Scene 1: Rotating Wheel. If you now single-click to select the instance (inside Rotating Wheel) you should see “Instance of: Wheel” in the Properties panel (as shown in Figure 12.2). This just means that Rotating Wheel contains an instance of Wheel.

Figure 12.2. The Properties panel displays a selected symbol's original name.

Great, now we can do a simple Motion Tween inside the master version of Rotating Wheel. Click in frame 20 and insert a keyframe (press F6). Select the first keyframe and from the Properties Panel select Tween Motion, Rotate CW 1 time.

Go back up to the scene. You should see an instance of Rotating Wheel—though now it has a 20-frame rotation you can't see. Do a Test Movie and see that it rotates.

Now create another instance of Rotating Wheel by either copying and pasting the instance onscreen or by dragging another from the Library. Position the two Rotating Wheels side-by-side and then use the Brush tool to draw the car body. Select everything and convert it to a symbol called Car (leave it with Movie Clip behavior).

You can now insert a keyframe at frame 30 (in our main Timeline), and then with frame 1 selected set the Properties panel to Tween using Motion. Move the instance of Car in either frame 1 or frame 30 and you should be able to see the car move when you scrub (just like any other Motion Tween). You'll have to test the movie to see the wheels rotate, however.

If you aren't familiar with nesting symbols, this exercise might be a little confusing. Review Hour 5 if necessary. We worked from the specific to the general. We made a Wheel symbol, and we made a Rotating Wheel symbol that contained Wheel because we needed a symbol inside Rotating Wheel to do a Motion Tween. Then we used two instances of Rotating Wheel in the creation of the Car symbol.



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