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Hour 21. Advanced Animation Techniques > Task: Add Perspective to a Simple Anim...

Task: Add Perspective to a Simple Animation

In this task we add just two lines to make the perspective more apparent.

Start by drawing a car and converting it to a Movie Clip symbol. In keyframe 1, place it in the bottom left of the stage. Add a keyframe in frame 40, and move the car to the top right of the stage. Do a simple Motion Tween between the keyframes.

Scale the car larger in frame 1 and smaller in frame 40.

Test the movie. It probably doesn't look convincing. Now insert a layer and draw two converging lines as if they were the shoulders of a road. The animation looks infinitely better (see Figure 21.5).

Figure 21.5. The addition of lines can help the user see depth.

To add even more evidence that the car is covering great distances, we can add some mountains or bluffs in the road layer. Draw a horizon line toward the top of the screen and draw a boxy mountain/bluff on the horizon (see Figure 21.6).

Figure 21.6. Adding a horizon line and mountain (for scale) makes the depth perception even greater.

Without a reference, the mountain (besides not looking much like a mountain) doesn't have any perspective. Draw another mountain closer (below the horizon) and make it a little bigger. Make an even bigger mountain, partially blocking the road, on the right side. If you fill the close mountain with white (so it blocks the road and the car), the result is even more believable (see Figure 21.7).



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