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Chapter 6. Text > Hacks #42-51 - Pg. 188

As well as its animation abilities, Flash text is much more configurable in terms of appearance than standard HTML. Vector-based Flash text can: · Be displayed at any angle and at any size. · Render characters with vectors and add antialiasing for all fonts. · Use any font, including those not installed on the user's machine by embedding font outline information within the Flash .swf file. · Allow the user to break up and edit the characters within a piece of text (using Modify Break Apart), thus allowing the designer to quickly cre- ate logos or other text-based graphics quickly. You can even use a shape tween to morph one letter into another [Hack #34] . · Support more traditional CSS formatting and HTML text [Hack #46] , even when content is displayed outside the browser (i.e., in the standalone Flash Player or if you export your Flash content as an executable). Fonts Flash supports both system fonts and embedded fonts. If you use one of the three default fonts--"_sans", "_serif", or "_typewriter"--the Flash Player