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About the Author

Sham Bhangal began on the route to web design in 1991, designing and specifying information screens for safety-critical computer systems, as used in places like nuclear power plant control rooms. He soon discovered more conventional interface design, animation, and multimedia tools, such as 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, and Flash. He has been writing books on them since the turn of the century.


The following people contributed their hacks, writing, and inspiration to the book:

  • Anthony "Ant" Eden (a.k.a. arseiam) has worked for several high-profile clients including Microsoft, Disney, and Adobe. He spends his spare time creating wild and quirky effects with ActionScript, which can be sampled at http://www.arseiam.com.

  • Zeh Fernando has been working with Macromedia Flash since Version 2. Currently working at Brazilian-based design studio Grafikonstruct (http://www.grafikonstruct.com.br), he creates real-world Flash-based web sites daily and is searching for better ways to do it in his free time.

  • Edwin "XemonerdX" Heijmen is a professional Flash developer living in the Netherlands who also moderates several ActionScript forums. He enjoys combining mathematics and code, some results of which can be seen at http://www.poeticterror.com. Besides ActionScript, he also enjoys coding PHP, ColdFusion, Python, and every obscure language he can get his hands on. Other passions include his wonderful girlfriend, underground metalcore, open source software, Russian literature, and his friends.

  • Adam Phillips is the award-winning animator behind biteycastle.com, hitchHiker, and the Brackenwood series of Flash movies. He was a Flash Forward Cartoon category winner in NYC 2003 and again a finalist in SF 2004. With a desire to tell stories and more than 10 years of traditional 2D animation experience with the Walt Disney Company, Adam continues to produce his own short movies, 13 of which can be found at http://www.biteycastle.com.

  • Grant Skinner (http://www.gskinner.com) is an internationally recognized Flash developer with experience fusing code, interface design, usability, marketing, and business logic. He works with top agencies and progressive corporate clients on Flash application conceptualization, architecture, and implementation. Grant has won multiple top Flash awards, has had work featured in the SIGGRAPH Web Expo of "The finest web-graphics work of 2003," and participates regularly in numerous conferences and publications.

  • Stickman has asked that his real name be kept secret to protect the innocent, but we can divulge that he works in web design for a large content site in the UK and is also a freelance writer. Oh, he is also tall and thin. You can catch up with his online persona at http://www.the-stickman.com.


This book has been a long time in the making, and thanks go out to all who stayed on for the ride. I guess it's been a strange trip for all involved!

Thanks, of course, go to Macromedia for creating Flash and to the contributors for contributing hacks.

Thanks to Colin Moock (http://www.moock.org) for his great books, technical assistance, and insightful Foreword.

Thanks to the review team for querying and correcting: Marc Garrett, David Humphreys, Chafic Kazoun, Marc Majcher, Sam Neff, Darron Schall, Jesse Warden, and Edoardo Zubler.

Thanks also to the folks at O'Reilly, including Tim O'Reilly for the initial comments and Rael Dornfest for putting the "hack" into Flash Hacks. Thanks also to Brian Sawyer and Claire Cloutier for production assistance, to Rob Romano for converting the numerous screenshots, and to Norma Emory for her detailed copy editing. Special thanks to Bruce Epstein for his death-defying nerves of steel in the face of insurmountable deadlines, superhuman editing strength, and time for a chat. Thanks also to my agent, Carole McClendon, at Waterside Productions.

Thanks to the designers within the Flash community who have provided helpful advice on third-party tools, including Igor Kogan, Dave Hayden, Damian Morten (Flasm), and Alex Blum (Flash Plugin Switcher). Thanks to Alessandro Capozzo (http://www.ghostagency.net) for allowing me to reproduce some of his images created in Processing. Thanks also to the large number of developers, designers, and dreamers whose work has directly or indirectly inspired portions of this book; they include Josh Davis (http://joshdavis.com), Branden Hall (http://waxpraxis.org), Erik Natzke (http://www.natzke.com), James Paterson (http://www.presstube.com), Amit Pitaru (http://www.pitaru.com), and Hardino (http://www.hardino.com).

Finally, thanks to Brian Molko and company (http://www.brian-molko.com) for the first four lines of "Pure Morning." Stuff like that keeps me smiling all day as I'm writing. Pure genius.

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