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Preface > What's in This Book?

What's in This Book?

As with any technology, as you move away from creating simple applications to creating larger-scale, robust, and secure applications, design and development increase in difficulty. This is especially true in an environment in which events are occurring in multiple Flash movies and on the server at the same time. Coordinating concurrent events introduces an extra level of complexity that many Flash and web developers may not be used to. This book addresses these and other problems directly. It describes in detail how to:

  • Avoid conflicts when multiple users update data in real time

  • Manage contention for the same resources—for example, multiple users trying to add text to the same shared text area

  • Minimize the effects of network latency

  • Adapt to differences in client bandwidth

  • Use and extend Macromedia's communication classes

  • Design and develop components that work well within Macromedia's component framework

  • Design applications without Macromedia's framework using your own set of components

  • Create applications that can scale from a few simultaneous users to many thousands

  • Create secure applications

The book also includes numerous samples files—especially in the later chapters—that I hope you will find useful, including:

  • A collection of components such as PeopleGrid, OnlineStatus, TextChat, SharedText, VideoConference, Authentication, and PersonalCursor

  • An alternative, lightweight component framework

  • A recording framework for recording and playing back events, audio, video, and data

The book also includes numerous useful ColdFusion examples to perform operations beyond the capabilities of FlashCom Server, such as FTP file copying and database access. All sample code is available on the book's web site.

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