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Preface > Licensing and Hosting Options

Licensing and Hosting Options

This book does not focus on the numerous server configuration details, nor does it offer networking hardware advice. If you don't want to run FlashCom Server from your own hardware, many different options are available for hosting communication applications. You can load FlashCom on a server you control. In that case, you, your organization, or your customers will have to pay for the FlashCom license, server, and bandwidth necessary to support your applications. FlashCom includes a license manager that monitors the number of simultaneous client connections and the bandwidth being consumed by the server. The license manager ensures that FlashCom will refuse connections after the number of clients or the allowed bandwidth has been exceeded. Information on FlashCom licensing options is available here:


If you do not want to host the server yourself, a number of companies specialize in FlashCom hosting.

The Flash Video Streaming Service is a load-balanced, redundant deployment of FlashCom Server, hosted by a Macromedia-authorized Content Delivery Network partner. For details, see:


Speedera offers FlashCom video-on-demand hosting. For details, see:


VitalStream focuses on live event and on-demand applications. VitalStream provides prebuilt applications and services but will not (as of this writing) host custom applications. For details, see:


Other hosting providers will host your custom applications for you. A short list of providers is available from Macromedia on their partners' page (scroll down to the ISP/Hosting Partners section):


You can find many other providers with different hosting and service plans via a web search. There are other related products for which you might consider hosted options. Macromedia offers Breeze Live hosting. The third-party HostMySite.com (http://www.hostmysite.com) offers ColdFusion hosting, including the latest Blackstone version of ColdFusion.

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