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Chapter 4. Drawing Frame-by-Frame Animation

Chapter 4. Drawing Frame-by-Frame Animation

What You Learn

  • About frame-by-frame animation

  • How frame-by-frame animation is used in Flash

  • How to animate a character using only single frames

  • How to use onion skins

  • How to edit the center point for rotating instances

  • How to add sound to a document

  • About optimizing drawings

Lesson Files







Figure 4.A.

Figure 4.B.

Figure 4.C.

You might think of frame-by-frame animation as doing things the “old-fashioned” way. Creating a frame-by-frame animation is the closest you'll get to a traditional form of animation in Macromedia Flash. In fact, you might have animated this way in an elementary school art class. And you've probably seen this form of animation during the Saturday morning cartoons. Flash lets you animate cartoons and effects by drawing on individual frames, or by dragging instances onto each frame to create the illusion of movement over time.

In this project, you use predrawn graphics that are placed on individual frames to create the movement you see in the final project. You use the Onion Skin feature to help move the instances around, and you edit the center point of instances so you can rotate them appropriately. Even if you were to draw your graphics manually, you might use these same techniques to modify the animation. By the end of the project, you create a dancing pirate on a disco floor with music playing in the background.

Website: www.FLAnimation.com/chapters/04

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