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Lesson 6. Using Sound and Video > Adding Sounds to the Timeline

Adding Sounds to the Timeline

Importing a sound only adds it to the library. For the sound to play in your movie, you must place it on the timeline. Adding a sound to your movie is relatively easy, but it is important to place the sound in the frame where you want the sound to begin. To prevent one sound from overwriting another, you should create a new layer for each sound you want in your movie.

Select the Soundtrack layer of zoo24.fla, and drag a copy of loop.wav or loop.aif from the library to the stage.

The sound is added to the first, and only, keyframe of the Soundtrack layer, and graphic representation (waveform) of the sound appears in the timeline. The sound doesn't actually appear on the stage, but you have to drag it to the stage in order to add it to the movie.

When you add a sound to the timeline, it can only be added to a keyframe. So be sure to place a keyframe in the frame you want to use as the starting point for the sound before you try to add the sound. If you already have a sound in a keyframe, and you add another sound to the same keyframe, the second sound simply replaces the first.


You can add a sound to a keyframe that contains graphic content, without replacing the graphic content. It is a little harder to find the sound later, as the keyframe indicating content on the stage might hide the graphic representation of the sound. It's usually a good idea to add your sounds to a unique layer, or layers, set aside just for sounds.

Drag the playhead to frame 1 and choose Control > Play.

When you play the movie, you hear the sound play once.


If Control > Loop Playback is checked, you'll hear the sound more than once. Choose Loop Playback to deselect and you'll only hear the sound play once.

Save your movie in the FlashTFS folder as zoo25.fla.

Next, you're going to make the sound fade in and loop a few times.



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