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Lesson 8. Using Components > Using the ComboBox Component - Pg. 210

Using Components 210 6. This instance of the PushButton component will act as a Clear button for your form. It will reset all the values in the form to their initial settings. Save the movie as guestbook2.fla. Now that you have some components in your movie, it's time to set their parameters. Make sure to save the movie as guestbook2.fla in the FlashTFS folder on your hard drive before you continue. Using the ComboBox Component The ComboBox component lets you add a scrollable drop-down list to your Flash movie. Once you have added an instance of the ComboBox component, you can modify several values in the Property inspector to customize that instance and have the combo box contain the information you want to display. When you select a component instance, the Property inspector displays two tabs--Prop- erties and Parameters. The Parameters allow you to customize the contents of the component