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Lesson 7. Programming with ActionScript

Lesson 7. Programming with ActionScript

At this point, you should be comfortable using the Flash basics. You've gotten to know the panels and tools, worked in the timeline and on the stage, used layers and simple ActionScript, and created everything from simple graphics to working buttons. But Flash can do so much more. This lesson gives you a taste of the power of Flash.

You can use ActionScript to create complex interaction. Chrissy Rey

Here you will learn the basics of programming with ActionScript. If you don't have any experience programming, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at first with all the code in this lesson. Don't give up! It may take some time to understand all the concepts. You might find it useful to read through the lesson a couple of times before you go to the next lesson. Be sure to read the explanations—don't just type the code to make the project work!


In this lesson, you will:

  • Use ActionScript to create a drop-down menu

  • Add a dynamic text box and use a variable to give it content

  • Create and use an array

  • Modify text boxes using the TextField object's properties

  • Create a loop to repeat several lines of ActionScript

  • Use several of the MovieClip object's methods, properties, and event handlers

  • Control the appearance of your menu with a conditional statement


This lesson takes approximately two hours to complete.


Media Files:


Starting Files:


Completed Project:




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