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Lesson 5. Adding Basic Interactivity > Creating a Template - Pg. 141

Adding Basic Interactivity NOTE 141 If you have any trouble clicking the button, make sure you added a rectangle to its Hit frame. When you close the Test Movie window, you can also test the ActionScript added to the button by clicking Control > Enable Simple Buttons. Then when you move the playhead to frame 12 and click the button, the playhead should jump to frame 13. Just be sure to turn off Enable Simple Buttons if you want to use the arrow tool to select a button. Save the movie before you continue and keep it open for the next exercise. 8. Creating a Template When you work on a large project, as you're doing over the course of this book, you might find it useful to create templates to maintain consistency across the various pieces of the project. You can save a Flash movie as a template, and then use the template to create a new Flash document. The template can contain special layers, called guide layers, which you can use to position the elements in your template-based movies. They can also contain comments, to provide information to others using the template. 1. Delete the Menu, Guide: Panda, Bitmap Mask, Main Page Bitmaps, and Welcome Text layers.