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Chapter 11. More-Complex Animation Tasks > Manipulating Frames in Multiple Laye...

Manipulating Frames in Multiple Layers

As your movie gets more complex, you will need to add layers. You can perform editing operations on selected frames and layers, for example, by copying, cutting, and pasting frames across multiple layers. You can also insert frames, keyframes, and blank keyframes into selected frames and layers.

To select and copy frames in several layers:

Open a new Flash document.

Add two layers—for a total of three layers in the movie—and insert 20 frames into each layer.

Place content in the layers to help you see what’s going on as you work with the various frames and layers. Use the text tool, for example, to place the frame number in every other frame of Layer 1 and to place a text block with the name of the layer in layers 2 and 3.

In the Timeline, in Layer 3, in frame-based selections mode click and drag as though you were drawing a selection rectangle around frames 5 through 10 in all three layers. In span-based selection mode; -click (Mac) or Ctrl-Click (Windows) and drag to select a range of frames or reversal layers.

Flash highlights the selected frames (Figure 11.7).

Figure 11.7. In frame-based mode click and drag across frames and layers to select frames in those layers (bottom).

From the Edit menu, choose Copy Frames. Flash copies the frames and layer information to the Clipboard.



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