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Shortcuts for Commands

Shortcuts for Commands

Command Window Macintosh Menu
100 % (View) Ctrl-1 -1 View > Magnification
Accessibility Panel (Show/Hide) Alt-F2 Option-F2 Window
Actions Panel (Show/Hide) F9 F9 Window
Add Shape Hint Ctrl-Shift-H /-Shift-H Modify > Shape
Align (Objects) Bottom Ctrl-Alt-6 -Option-6 Modify > Align
Align (Objects) Left Ctrl-Alt-1 -Option-1 Modify > Align
Align (Objects) Right Ctrl-Alt-3 -Option-3 Modify > Align
Align (Objects) to Stage (toggle) Ctrl-Alt-8 -Option-8 Modify > Align
Align (Objects) Top Ctrl-Alt-4 -Option-4 Modify > Align
Align (Text) Center Ctrl-Shift-C -Shift-C Text > Align
Align (Text) Left Ctrl-Shift-L -Shift-L Text > Align
Align (Text) Right Ctrl-Shift-R -Shift-R Text > Align
Align Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-K -K Window
Answers Panel (Show/Hide) Alt-F1 Option-F1 Window
Antialias Text Ctrl-Alt-Shift-T -Shift-Option-T View
Antialias Ctrl-Alt-Shift-A -Shift-Option-A View
Auto Format Ctrl-Shift-F -Shift-F Actions Panel Options
Bandwidth Profiler (Show/Hide) Ctrl-B -B View (in Test Movie mode)
Bold (Text) Ctrl-Shift-B -Shift-B Text > Style
Break Apart Ctrl-B -B Modify
Bring (Selected Item) to Front Ctrl-Shift-Up -Shift-Up Modify > Arrange
Bring (Selected Item) Forward Ctrl-Up -Up Modify > Arrange
Center Horizontal (Objects) Ctrl-Alt-5 -Option-5 Modify > Align
Center Vertical (Objects) Ctrl-Alt-2 -Option-2 Modify > Align
Check Syntax Ctrl-T -T Actions Panel Options
Clear Frames Alt-Backspace Option-Delete Edit
Clear (Stage) Backspace or Delete Delete or Clear Edit
Clear Keyframe Shift-F 6 Shift-F 6 Insert
Close (File) Ctrl-W -W File
Color Mixer Panel (Show/Hide) Shift-F9 Shift-F9 Window
Color Swatches Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-F9 -F9 Window
Component Parameters Panel (Show/Hide) Alt-F7 Option-F7 Window
Components Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-F7 -F7 Window
Continue F8 F8 Control (in Test Movie Mode)
Convert to Blank Keyframes F7 F7 Modify > Frames
Convert to Keyframes F6 F6 Modify > Frames
Convert to Symbol F8 F8 Insert
Copy (Selection) Ctrl-C -C Edit
Copy Frames Ctrl-Alt-C -Option-C Edit
Cut (Selection) Ctrl-X -X Edit
Cut Frames Ctrl-Alt-X -Option-X Edit
Debug Movie Ctrl-Shift-Enter -Shift-Return Control
Debugger Panel (Show/Hide) Shift-F4 Shift-F4 Window
Decrease (Tracking) Ctrl-Alt-Left -Option-Left Text > Tracking
Default (Publishing) Ctrl- , F12 Ctrl- , F12 File > Publish Preview
Deselect All Ctrl-Shift-A -Shift-A Edit
Distribute Heights Ctrl-Alt-9 -Option-9 Modify > Align
Distribute to Layers Ctrl-Shift-D -Shift-D Modify
Distribute Widths Ctrl-Alt-7 -Option-7 Modify > Align
Document Properties Ctrl-J -J Modify
Duplicate (Selection) Ctrl-D -D Edit
Edit Grid Ctrl-Alt-G -Option-G View > Grid
Edit Guides Ctrl-Alt-Shift-G -Shift-Option-G View > Guides
Edit Symbols Ctrl-E -E Edit
Enable Simple Buttons Ctrl-Alt-B -Option-B Control
Expert Mode Ctrl-Shift-E -Shift-E Actions Panel Options
Export as File Ctrl-Shift-X -Shift-X Actions Panel Options
Export Movie Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S -Shift-Option-S File
Fast (View) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F -Shift-Option-F View
Find Ctrl-F -F Actions Panel Options
Find Again F3 -G Actions Panel Options
First (Scene) Home Home View > Goto
Frame (Add) F5 F5 Insert
Frame-by-Frame Graph (Show) Ctrl-F -F View (in Test Movie-Mode)
Go to Line Ctrl-G -, [comma] Actions Panel Options
Grid (Show/Hide) Ctrl-' -' View > Grid
Group (Selected Items) Ctrl-G -G Modify
Guides (Show/Hide) Ctrl-; -; View > Guides
Hide Edges (Show/Hide Selection Highlight) Ctrl-H -Shift-E View
Import Ctrl-R -R File
Import (Text) from File Ctrl-Shift-I -Shift-I Actions Panel Options
Increase (Tracking) Ctrl-Alt-Right -Option-Right Text > Tracking
Info Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-I -I Window
Italic (Text) Ctrl-Shift-I -Shift-I Text > Style
Justify (Text) Ctrl-Shift-J -Shift-J Text > Align
Last (Scene) End End View > Goto
Library window (Show/Hide) Ctrl-L, F11 -L, F11 Window
List Objects Ctrl-L -L Debug (in Test Movie Mode)
List Variables Ctrl-Alt-V -Option-V Debug (in Test Movie Mode)
Lock (Group) Ctrl-Alt-L -Option-L Modify > Arrange
Lock Guides Ctrl-Alt-; (semi-colon) -Option-; (semi-colon) View > Guide
Make Same Height Ctrl-Shift-Alt-9 -Option-Shift-9 Modify > Align
Make Same Width Ctrl-Shift-Alt-7 -Option-Shift-7 Modify > Align
Movie Explorer Panel (Show/Hide) Alt-F3 Option-F3 Window
New (File) Ctrl-N -N File
New Symbol Ctrl-F8 -F8 Insert
New Window Ctrl-Alt-N -Option-N Window
Next (Scene) Page Down Page Down View > Goto
Normal Mode Ctrl-Shift-N -Shift-N Actions Panel Options
Open (File) Ctrl-O -O File
Open as Library Ctrl-Shift-O -Shift-O File
Optimize (Curves) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C -Shift-Option-C Modify
Outlines (View As) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O -Shift-Option-O View
Output Panel (Show/Hide) F2 F2 Window
Panels (Show/Hide, including Toolbox) F4, Tab F4, Tab View, Tab
Paste (Clipboard Contents) Ctrl-V -V Edit
Paste Frames Ctrl-Alt-V -Option-V Edit
Paste In Place Ctrl-Shift-V -Shift-V Edit
Plain (Text) Ctrl-Shift-P -Shift-P Text > Style
Play (Movie) Enter Return Control
Previous (Scene) Page Up Page Up View > Goto
Print Ctrl-P -P File
Properties Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-F3 -F3 Window
Publish Shift-F12 Shift-F12 File
Publish Preview Ctrl-F12 -F12 File
Publish Settings Ctrl-Shift-F12 Option-Shift-F12 File
Quit (Exit) Ctrl-Q -Q File
Redo Ctrl-Y -Y Edit
Reference Panel (Show/Hide) Shift-F1 Shift-F1 Window
Remove All Breakpoints Ctrl-Shift-A -Shift-A Control (in Test Movie Mode)
Remove Breakpoint Ctrl-Shift-B -Shift-B Control (in Test Movie Mode)
Remove Frames Shift-F5 Shift-F5 Insert
Remove Transform Ctrl-Shift-Z -Shift-Z Modify > Transform
Replace Ctrl-H -Shift-H Actions Panel Options
Reset (Tracking) Ctrl-Alt-Up -Option-Up Text > Tracking
Rewind Ctrl-Alt-R -Option-R Control
Rotate 90° CCW Ctrl-Shift-7 -Shift-7 Modify > Transform
Rotate 90° CW Ctrl-Shift-9 -Shift-9 Modify > Transform
Rulers (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R -Shift-Option-R View
Save As Ctrl-Shift-S -Shift-S File
Save Ctrl-S -S File
Scale and Rotate Ctrl-Alt-S -Option-S Modify > Transform
Scene Panel (Show/Hide) Shift-F12 Shift-F12 Modify; Window
Select All Ctrl-A -A Edit
Select All Frames Ctrl-Alt-A -Option-A Edit
Send (selected item) to back Ctrl-Shift-Down -Shift-Down Modify > Arrange
Send (selected item) backward Ctrl-Down -Down Modify > Arrange
Set Breakpoint Ctrl-Shift-B -Shift-B Control (in Test Movie Mode)
Shape Hints (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Alt-H -Option-H View
Show All Ctrl-3 -3 View > Magnification
Show Code Hint Ctrl-Spacebar Control-Spacebar Actions Panel Options
Show Frame Ctrl-2 -2 View > Magnification
Snap to Grid Ctrl-Shift-' (apostrophe) -Shift-' (apostrophe) View > Grid
Snap to Guides Ctrl-Shift-; (semi-colon) -Shift-; (semi-colon) View > Guides
Snap to Objects Ctrl-Shift-/(slash -Shift-/(slash) View
Step Backward , , (comma) Control (comma)
Step Forward . . (period) Control (period)
Step In F10 F10 Control (in Test Movie Mode)
Step Out F11 F11 Control (in Test Movie Mode)
Step Over F9 F9 Control (in Test Movie Mode)
Stop Debugging F7 F7 Control (in Test Movie Mode)
Streaming (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Enter -Return View (in Test Movie Mode)
Streaming Graph (Show/Hide) Ctrl-G -G View (in Test Movie Mode)
Test Movie Ctrl-Enter -Return Control
Test Scene Ctrl-Alt-Enter -Option-Return Control
Timeline (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Alt-T -Option-T View
Tools Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-F2 Cmd-F2 Window
Transform Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-T Cmd-T Window
Undo Ctrl-Z -Z Edit
Ungroup Ctrl-Shift-G -Shift-G Modify
Unlock All Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L -Shift-Option-L Modify > Arrange
Using Flash (open in browser) F1 F1 Help
View Line Numbers Ctrl-Shift-L -Shift-L Actions Panel Options
Work Area (View) Ctrl-Shift-W -Shift-W View
Zoom In Ctrl-=(equals sign) -=(equals sign) View
Zoom Out Ctrl-- (minus sign) -- (minus) View
In OS 9, Function Keys (Fkeys) are set by default to act as “Hot Function Keys,” that can be defined to start an application, or open a document or other item. You can temporarily disable Hot Function Keys by holding down the Option key (on desktop Macs) or the fn key (on portable Macs) while pressing the Function Key, but keyboard shortcuts that require the use of modifier keys are iffy. To enable the full range of shortcuts defined for F1-F12 in Flash MX, it’s best to disable the Hot Function Keys feature: open the Keyboard Control Panel (Apple Menu >Control Panels >Keyboard), then press the Function Keys… button. Remove the check mark from the Enable Hot Function Keys box. Click OK, then close the control panel.

In PowerBooks, F1–F6 are permanently defined as screen brightness, volume, and num lock keys, so you still have to use the fn key. If a modifier key is part of the keyboard shortcut, hold down the modifier, then press fn and the Function Key. For example, to display the Properties window, hold down the Command key, then press fn-F3.

The Hot Function Keys feature is not present in OS X, button portable Macs you still have to use the fn key to make F1-F6 act like normal (Cool?) Function Keys.



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