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Chapter 12. Interactivity with Simple Fr... > Customizing the Actions Panel

Customizing the Actions Panel

The Actions panel takes up a good deal of room on your screen. You can resize the panel, collapse some of its panes, and make other adjustments. You can customize the way that scripts appear in the Script pane to make them appear in the smallest typeface you can read, for example (or, if you’ve spent long hours staring at tiny onscreen type, to make scripts display in nice large letters). You can choose settings for font and type size; you can set Flash to highlight different types of script elements in different colors; you can control the number of spaces Flash uses to indent with each tab you type; and you can turn on or off code hints.

To set preferences for the Actions panel:

From the Edit menu (Mac OS 9 and Windows) or from the Flash menu (Mac OS X), choose Preferences.


From the Options menu in the top-right corner of the Actions panel, choose Preferences.

The Preferences dialog box appears (Figure 12.5).

Figure 12.5. In the Preferences dialog box, the ActionScript Editor tab contains settings for customizing the way Flash displays your scripts. You can also turn on code hints—tooltips with explanations of items listed in the Actions Toolbox.

Click the ActionScript Editor tab.

The various settings for working with statements in the Script pane of the Actions panel appear.

Change any of the settings as described in the following exercises.

Click OK.

Flash applies your preferences settings immediately.



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