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Chapter 5. Graphics on Multiple Layers > Distributing Graphic Elements to Layer...

Distributing Graphic Elements to Layers

As you draw elements for your movie, you may not always remember to create a new layer for each one. Using the Cut and Paste in Place commands can get tedious. Flash’s Distribute to Layers feature automates the process, putting each element of a selection on a separate layer. This feature comes in handy when you start creating a type of animation called motion tweening, in which each element being animated must be on its own layer. (You’ll learn more about motion tweening in Chapter 9.)

To place selected elements on individual layers:

Open a new file, and on the Stage, create several separate shapes on a single layer.

Choose Edit > Select All.

Flash highlights all the shapes.

From the Modify menu, choose Distribute to Layers, or press Shift--D (Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-D (Windows) (Figure 5.33).

Figure 5.33. Selecting elements on the Stage and choosing Modify > Distribute to Layers automatically cuts each element and pastes it in place in a new layer. The new layers follow the order in which you placed the elements on the Stage originally. In this series of numbers, the numeral 1 was drawn first, so it winds up at the top of the section of new layers.

Flash creates a layer for each shape and adds the new layers to the bottom of the Timeline. Each shape winds up in the same location on the Stage, but on a separate layer.



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