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Chapter 5. Graphics on Multiple Layers > Cutting and Pasting Between Layers

Cutting and Pasting Between Layers

Flash allows you to create and place graphics only on the active layer of a movie. But you can copy, cut, or delete elements from any visible, unlocked layer. You can select items on several layers, cut them, and then paste them all into a single layer. Or you can cut items individually from one layer and redistribute them to separate layers.

To paste across layers:

Create a document that contains several layers.

Place at least one element on all but one layer.

Make a document with five layers, for example. Put a triangle on one layer, an oval on another, a circle on a third, a star on a fourth, and leave the fifth layer empty. To make the items easier to work with, group each one.

Name each layer according to its contents.

Adding the names Star, Circle, Triangle, and so on makes it easier to remember which layer contains which items. It also makes it easier for you to see what’s going on as you practice moving items across layers in this exercise.

On the Stage, select the star.

Notice that Flash highlights the star’s layer in the Timeline.

From the Edit menu, choose Copy.

In the Timeline, select the empty layer.

From the Edit menu, choose Paste.

Flash pastes the copy of the star in the empty layer, in the middle of the window (Figure 5.29). Now you can move the star to a new position, if you want.

Figure 5.29. Copying a shape from one layer to another involves selecting the shape (top), copying it, selecting the target layer, and then pasting the copy there. The Paste command (middle) positions the pasted shape in the center of the window (bottom).



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