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Chapter 2. Creating Simple Graphics > Using the Text Tool

Using the Text Tool

The text tool creates blocks of editable text. You can set the text to read horizontally or vertically. You can also apply a variety of text attributes to text—including text and paragraph styles. Editable text can later be turned into raw shapes.

To create a single line of text for use as a graphic element:

In the Toolbox, select the text tool or press T (Figure 2.53).

Figure 2.53. Select the text tool in the Toolbox to start creating text boxes on the Stage.

For this task, use the current settings for type and paragraph styles. You learn to change these settings in upcoming tasks.

Move the pointer over the Stage.

The pointer turns into a crosshair with a letter A in the bottom-right corner (Figure 2.54).

Figure 2.54. The text-tool pointer.

Click the Stage at the spot where you want your text to start.

Flash creates a text box with a round resize handle and a blinking insertion point, ready for you to enter text (Figure 2.55).

Figure 2.55. Click the Stage with the text tool to create a text box. The round resize handle indicates that the text box does not have word wrap turned on.

Start typing to enter your text.

The text box grows to accommodate whatever you type (Figure 2.56).

Figure 2.56. As you type, the box grows horizontally to accommodate your text. The text will not wrap.

When you finish typing, click elsewhere on the Stage (if you want to create another piece of text) or change tools. Flash hides the text box, leaving just the text visible. When you click this text with the arrow tool, Flash selects the text box automatically so that you can reposition it or change the text’s attributes directly.



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