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Avoiding Common Mistakes

When troubleshooting your Flash movie, there are a few obvious places where you should look first to locate what might be common mistakes. These usually involve some simple but critical element, such as overlooking quotation marks or a relative path term, or forgetting to name an instance. Pay close attention to the following warning list to ensure that all your Flash movies are free of bugs.

To avoid common mistakes:

  • Double-check the data type of your values. Review the Script pane to make sure that quotation marks are only around string data types. The keyword this should not be within quotation marks. Movie-clip target paths can be within quotation marks, but it’s good practice to keep them as expressions.

  • Double-check the target paths for your movie clips, variables, and objects.

  • Remember to name your movie-clip, button, and text field instances.

  • Check to see if ActionScript statements are within the correct parentheses or curly braces in the Script pane. For example, verify that statements belonging to an if statement or to a function statement are contained within their curly braces.

  • Place a stop action in the first keyframe of a movie clip to prevent it from playing automatically and looping.

  • To test simple actions and simple buttons, remember to choose Enable Simple Frame Actions and Enable Simple Buttons from the Control menu. For more complex button events, you must choose Test Movie from the Control menu.

  • Remember that the default setting for your Flash movie in the testing mode is to loop.



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