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Lesson 3. Using Symbols and the Library > Creating a Common Library

Creating a Common Library

Flash 5 comes with several common libraries (Window > Common Libraries) preinstalled: Buttons, Buttons-Advanced, Graphics, Learning Interactions, Movie Clips, Smart Clips, and Sounds. You can add your own permanent libraries of symbols to Flash 5. This capability can be very useful when you need to use the same sets of symbols for several projects.

Open Neptune Resorts Assets.fla from the Lesson03/Assets folder.

You're going to turn this file into a common library. It contains several symbols that you're going to use in later lessons.

Choose File > Save As. When the Save As dialog box opens, browse to the Macromedia/Flash 5/Libraries folder on your hard disk, type Neptune Resorts Assets, and click the Save button.

The Macromedia/Flash 5/Libraries folder is located wherever you installed Flash 5 on your computer. On a Windows computer, a common location for this folder might be C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash 5.

When you save a .fla file in the Macromedia/Flash 5/Libraries folder, it becomes available in the Window > Common Libraries submenu.

Choose Window > Common Libraries.

The Neptune Resorts Assets library should appear in the Common Libraries submenu. If it's not there, close and reopen Flash; the library should appear. You don't need to open the Neptune Resorts Assets library at this time, but you will use it in the next exercise, so remember where it is.



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