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Lesson 5. Using Sound > Importing Sounds

Importing Sounds

Before you can include sound files in your Flash movie, you need to import them into the library just as you would import artwork. When you import a sound, it gets added to your current movie library. You can use numerous instances of the same sound throughout your movie, just as you would use multiple instances of a symbol.

Open neptune19.fla in the Lesson05/Assets folder.

This file is the one that you finished with in Lesson 4. If you want to use the file from your MyWork folder instead of this one, go ahead; it should be exactly the same as the neptune19.fla file in the Lesson05/Assets folder.

Insert a new layer, name it Soundtrack, and drag it to the bottom of the layer stacking order.

Putting your sounds on a separate layer usually is a good idea; they're easier to find and modify that way.

Choose File > Import. When the Import dialog box opens, browse to the Lesson05/Assets folder, and import loop.mp3.

The sound file is imported directly into the current Flash library—not added to the stage, as an imported graphic would be.


You can also bring the loop.mp3 file into your movie by opening sounds.fla in the Lesson05/Assets folder as a library.

Open the library, and locate the loop.mp3 sound.

You can preview your sound before you add it to the movie by clicking the play button in the top-right corner of the Library window.

Save your movie in the MyWork folder as neptune20.fla.



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