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Adding Text

You can use the text tool to set the size, typeface, style, spacing, color, and alignment of text. And in Flash 5, you can use the Text Options panel to classify your text as static text, dynamic text, or input text.

Add a new layer, named Tagline, to neptune7.fla. Drag this new layer to the top of the layer stacking order.

The tagline is separate from the other elements in the movie, so you should add it to a separate layer.

Select the text tool. Choose Window > Panels > Character.

The Character panel lets you set the font, font height, tracking, character position, and text color for a block of text. You can also toggle the kerning, bold, and italic settings in the Character panel. Another great feature of the Character panel is the URL setting, which allows you to assign a URL to a block of text. You'll learn more about this feature in a later lesson.

In the Character panel, choose Arial from the Font drop-down menu. Set the font height to 18 and tracking to 10. Set the text color to pale blue.

For the moment, leave all the other settings in the Character panel in their default positions. Specifically, kerning should be selected, bold and italic should not be selected, the character position should be normal, and the URL text box should be empty.

Click the stage and type DIVE INTO PARADISE.

When you click the stage, a text box appears. Anything that you type appears in that text box, using the properties that you set in the Character panel.


If your text doesn't look quite right, compare the settings of your Character panel against those in the figure on the previous page to confirm that your settings were at the defaults.

Click the arrow tool. Click the text box to select it.

In this case, you can't just press V on your keyboard to switch to the arrow tool, because that will cause the letter v to appear in the text box. And if you don't switch to the arrow tool before you click the stage, Flash will create another text box.

If you accidentally double-click the text box that you just created, Flash will switch back to the text tool. Make sure that you click the text box once.

Use the Info panel to set the Y of the selected text box to 262.

The text box is now in the space between the dolphin and undersea-hotel graphics.

Choose Window > Panels > Align to open the Align panel. Click the To Stage button; then click the button to align the horizontal centers of elements.

The text box jumps to the horizontal center of the stage. As you learned in Lesson 1, the Align panel lets you align selected elements in a variety of ways.

Unhide all the layers by clicking the Show/Hide All Layers icon twice. Drag the Outlines layer to the top of the layer stacking order; then drag the Navigation Bar layer above that.

When you click the Show/Hide All Layers icon a single time, all of the layers are hidden. Clicking a second time reveals all the layers.

Your movie now looks like something you can put on the Web. You've made some major changes, so make sure that you save the movie before you continue to the next lesson.

Save your movie as neptune8.fla in the MyWork folder.



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