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Lesson 1. Flash Basics > Setting Preferences

Setting Preferences

Flash has a wide range of preference settings that let you control everything from the number of Undos you can perform to the way objects are selected. At the moment, you'll just check to make sure that your preferences are set to Flash's defaults. And you'll make a single change that will make it easier for you to learn and use Flash.

Choose Edit > Preferences to display the Preferences dialog box. Click the General tab, and make sure that your preferences are set as shown below.

The options checked in the General panel of the Preferences dialog box are Shift Select and Show Tooltips. Shift Select allows you to add to a selection by holding down the Shift key when you click an object.

More important, Show Tooltips is a quick help system, handy for novices to the program. When Show Tooltips is checked, an icon label appears whenever you rest the pointer over an icon for a few seconds. You'll use this feature extensively in following sections.


Undo Levels controls the number of steps that Flash remembers. If you need to make corrections to your work, Flash will be able to revert by the number of steps set in the Undo Levels field. At 100 steps, you should be able to undo almost any mistake. But you should also be aware that each level is saved in memory. With a high setting, your computer may start slowing after you complete several tasks. If you notice this and it's a problem, return to the Preferences dialog box and lower the Undo Levels setting.

Click the Editing tab. In the Pen Tool area, check Show Precise Cursors.

When you click the Editing tab, the Editing panel of the Preferences dialog box appears. Within this panel, you set options for the pen tool and settings for drawing controls.

Although you'll leave the drawing controls set on normal for now, checking the Show Precise Cursors option specifies that the pen tool appears as a crosshair instead of as the default pen-tool icon. This setting is useful because it lets you more precisely place lines drawn with the pen tool.

Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box.

Now that you've made some changes to your preferences, it's time to explore the Flash environment a little more.



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