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Lesson 1. Flash Basics > Getting Help

Getting Help

Even after you finish reading this book, you might still need some extra help with Flash. That should be no problem, because many resources are available. Some of these resources come with Flash, and others are available on the Internet.

Choose Help > Using Flash to open the Flash help files.

The Flash help files will open in your browser. The help files include a simple tutorial that will give you even more practice using Flash. The topics in the help files are searchable, so you can easily find any topic that you might need additional help with.

Choose Help > Macromedia Dashboard.

This command opens Macromedia Dashboard for Flash, which provides access to resources within the Flash development community. If you're connected to the Internet, you can update the Dashboard with the latest information by clicking the Update button.

Open your browser, and visit the Flash Support Center at http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash.

The Flash Support Center is updated regularly and contains the latest information on Flash.

Browse to one of the Flash resource sites listed in Appendix C.

FlashLite, which is located at http://www.flashlite.net, is one example of the resource sites available. Flash developers around the world have taken the time to create sites with tutorials, source files, message boards, articles, and much more. Make full use of these resource sites, and you'll be working with Flash like an old pro in no time.

Sign up for one of the mailing lists listed in Appendix C.

Flashnewbie is a great mailing list for beginners—just go to http://chattyfig.figleaf.com to sign up.



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