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Lesson 1. Flash Basics > Getting Started

Getting Started

Before you dive into building in Flash, you need to create a folder on your hard disk. You'll save your work to this folder as you work through the lessons in this book.

Create a folder called MyWork on your hard disk.

As mentioned in the introduction, this course assumes that you're familiar with the conventions of your computer. If you need help creating a folder, please refer to the documentation provided with your system.

After you create the folder, you're ready to open Flash—an important first step!

Double-click the Flash icon to open the program.

If this is the first time you have opened Flash, you should see something that looks like the figure below if you're working on a Windows machine or the figure on the next page if you're using a Macintosh. Notice that the two screens are very similar: there are very few differences between the Windows and Macintosh versions of Flash.

When Flash opens, by default the Info, Mixer, Character, and Instance panels are visible along the right side of the screen, and the toolbar (also called the toolbox or the Tools window) is visible along the left side. In the middle of the screen is a work area known as the stage.

The blank document in the stage is a new movie. Every time you open Flash, the program automatically creates a new movie.

For the moment, you don't actually need to have a movie open. Before you start working on a movie, you're going to spend some time customizing the workspace and getting familiar with the program.

Choose File > Close.

The movie disappears. Your screen should now look something like the figure below.



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