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Lesson 4. Creating Animation

Lesson 4. Creating Animation

Animation is the process of creating a change over time. Animation can be an object moving from one place to another or scaling from one size to another. A change of color or transparency over time is animation, too. The change also can be a morph from one shape to another. Any change of position or appearance that occurs over time is animation.

In Macromedia Flash, you achieve animation by changing the contents of successive frames over a given period. This change can include all the changes discussed in the preceding paragraph, in any combination.

In this lesson, you will animate the Neptune Resorts logo, the stylish N in a circle at the upper-left of this screen.

Flash provides two methods for creating an animation sequence in the timeline: frame-by-frame animation and tweened animation. To create Flash animation frame by frame, you change the contents of successive frames. In frame-by-frame animation, you create the image in every frame, although your modifications may be barely noticeable between frames. In tweened animation, you create starting and ending frames and let Flash create the frames in between. Because of its interactive capabilities, Flash is also capable of creating dynamic animation that is controlled with ActionScript.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Create a frame-by-frame animation

  • Use a mask

  • Create a motion tween

  • Use a motion guide

  • Make a movie clip with a shape tween

  • Use a movie clip to create an animated button


It usually takes about one hour to complete this lesson.


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Completed Project:


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