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Lesson 11. Adding Generator Content > Adding a Generator Object - Pg. 208

Adding Generator Content 208 5. The movie should be identical to that which you saw the last time you tested it. The only dif- ference is that the values for the Generator variables in the text box are being drawn from an external data source instead of a native one. Close the test movie, and save the file as about3.fla in the MyWork folder. Inserting dynamic text is one of the awesome things that Generator can do. In the following exercise, you will add some more Generator content. Adding a Generator Object Text replacement might be enough for some projects, but you can do so much more with Generator. You can also insert objects such as charts, lists, tickers, and tables. You can use ActionScript to do some of these things, but that method usually takes much more time. With Generator, all you have to do is insert the object, modify some settings, and connect the object to a data source. Some Generator objects provide functionality that you just can't get with Flash alone. Generator's Basic Charts object, for example, allows you to insert a chart dynamically when the Web server requests the Generator template. In the following exercise, you will learn how to use the Basic Charts object. 1. Select frame 1 of the Chart layer in about3.fla. Choose Window > Generator Objects to open the Generator Objects panel.