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Sharing Fonts

Just as you can identify shared symbols, you can create symbols that let you share fonts. After creating a font symbol, you identify it to be exported using the Linkage identifier, in a process identical to the one used to create shared symbols. When multiple movies share a common font from a shared Library, the font only has to be downloaded once for the first movie, reducing file size and download times for the subsequent movies.

To create a font symbol to share:

Open the Library window. From the Options pull-down menu, choose New Font (Figure 12.12).

Figure 12.12. Choose Options > New Font in the Library.

The Font Symbol Properties dialog box appears.

Enter a name for your new font symbol in the Name field. In the Font field, select the font you wish to convert to a font symbol. Check the optional boxes for Style. Click OK (Figure 12.13).

Figure 12.13. Create a font symbol by choosing a font and giving it a name in the Font Symbol Properties dialog box.

The font symbol appears in your Library.

Select your font symbol. From the Library Options pull-down menu, choose Linkage.

The Symbol Linkage Properties dialog box appears.

From the Linkage choices, select Export this symbol. In the Identifier field, enter a unique name for your symbol. Click OK (Figure 12.14).

Figure 12.14. In the Symbol Linkage Properties dialog box, mark your symbol font to be shared.

Your selected font symbol is now marked for export and available to be shared by other movies.

Export your Flash movie as a SWF file.

Your selected font symbol resides in the SWF file. This SWF file provides the shared font to other movies.



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