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Chapter 10. Controlling Text > Displaying HTML - Pg. 357

Controlling Text 357 Displaying HTML Flash can display HTML 1.0­formatted text in dynamic text boxes. When you mark up text with HTML tags and assign the text to a dynamic text variable, Flash will interpret the tags and preserve the formatting. This means you can actually integrate HTML pages inside your Flash movie, main- taining the styles and functional HREF anchors. HTML Tags Supported by Text Boxes · <A HREF> Anchor tag to create hot links · <B> Bold style · <FONT COLOR> Font-color style · <FONT FACE> Font-face style · <FONT SIZE> Font-size style · <I> Italics style · <P> Paragraph · <U> Underline style A powerful combination is to load HTML-formatted text into dynamic text boxes with the action loadVariablesNum. By simply changing the HTML that resides outside the Flash file, you can update the information that displays during playback of your movie. This can be very convenient because you don't have to open the Flash file to make periodic edits, and a server-side script or even a user unfamiliar with Flash can make the necessary updates. Procedure 10-4. To load and display HTML in a dynamic text box: