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Chapter 1. Why Flash?

Chapter 1. Why Flash?

What you'll learn…

The advantage of vector graphics

The advantages of streaming

Flash's Web capabilities

Flash's enhanced interactivity

A better question might be Why not Flash? As an increasingly popular standard, Macromedia Flash is ubiquitous these days. From the Web, to cell phones, to Internet-enabled appliances and personal digital assistants (PDAs), businesses the world over are using Flash to market their products and to do e-commerce right. The reason the Web development community is so crazy about Flash? There's simply nothing that compares when it comes to creating interactive, high-impact content. And it doesn't hurt that Flash is cool, hip, and fun to use, too!

The key to Flash's popularity, though, is its powerful multimedia capabilities—features that have enabled Flash to transform the Web from the text/graphics medium that it was a few years ago into the multisensory, interactive experience it has become today. A painstakingly produced Flash movie can be as enjoyable as a well-orchestrated symphony. And like a symphony, it brings together a number of elements—sound, movement, interaction—to produce some extraordinary results.

Need more convincing? Probably not. But read on anyway to learn about some of the other aspects of Flash that make it such an appealing tool for creating next-generation Web content.



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