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Chapter 2. Getting Started > Setting Movie Properties

Setting Movie Properties

To begin a Flash project, you must specify the number of frames you want it to play per second (the frame rate) and its vertical and horizontal size. You should have a clear idea of what you want these settings to be right from the start because changing them halfway into your project can adversely affect everything you've already created. For example, animated movie elements that look just right when viewed at 12 frames per second (fps) probably won't look so good at another frame rate. Sure, you can re-edit to compensate, but that can take a considerable amount of time. Better to plan ahead and get it right the first time.

To set your movie's properties:

Choose Modify > Movie to bring up the Movie Properties box.

In the Frame Rate box, type the number of frames per second you would like your movie to play.

The default setting of 12 is sufficient for most projects. However, you can choose a higher or lower number if you wish. Remember, the higher the frame rate, the more difficult it will be for slower machines to play back your movie.

In the Dimension boxes, enter values for the width and height of your movie.

The minimum width or height is 18 pixels; the maximum is 2880 pixels.

Choose a background color using the Background color control.

The background color is also known as the stage color.

From the drop-down list, choose a ruler unit.

The ruler unit you choose will affect all areas of the program where dimensional values are used (for example, grid settings, Info panel settings, and so on).



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