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Chapter 12. Building Advanced Interactivity Using ActionScript

Chapter 12. Building Advanced Interactivity Using ActionScript

What you'll learn…

ActionScript basics

Working with multiple timelines

Working with objects

Using Smart Clips

Using the Actions panel for ActionScript

Printing from Flash

For many Flash users, creating sophisticated animations and interactive buttons is enjoyable, but the thought of actual programming makes their toes curl. There are all kinds of reasons users might shy away from the type of programming entailed in ActionScripts; however, the bottom line is this: To take your Flash movies to the next level, you need to understand ActionScripting. Armed with even the most basic knowledge of it, you'll be able to create games, interactive forms, highly-interactive interfaces, and much more.

Although you may find some of the concepts of ActionScripting new—and you may find it tough going at first—eventually things will fall into place. In this chapter we've tried to make the learning process as simple as possible by including plenty of scripts and real-world examples to demonstrate ActionScript's logic and flow. Be patient if you have to review the information more than once—few people are able to pick up scripting languages the first time around. And be sure to look at the interactive tutorials on the CD for examples of how to use ActionScripts to make your projects more exciting.

Keep in mind this chapter is not intended as an exhaustive examination of all that ActionScript can do. Instead, it should provide a solid basis for continuing to explore Action Scripting on your own.



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