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Chapter 7. Using Non-Flash Graphics > Using Bitmaps As Fills

Using Bitmaps As Fills

Flash allows you to convert a bitmap image to a fill pattern. A bitmapped fill creates a repeating or tiling pattern within the area it fills. You can use bitmapped fills with any of the drawing tools that create fills: the oval, rectangle, paintbrush, and paint bucket tools.

To create a bitmapped fill graphic:

Create a new Flash document consisting of two layers.

The two layers keep the original bitmap separate from the shapes you will create and fill with the bitmap. You can name the layers Bitmap and Bitmapped Fills to distinguish the two as you work through the exercises in this section.

With Bitmap selected as the active layer, import a bitmapped graphic, following the steps described in the preceding section.

Select the bitmap.

From the Modify menu, choose Break Apart (Figure 7.12).

Figure 7.12. Select a bitmap; then choose Modify > Break Apart (top). Flash converts the bitmap to a bitmapped-fill graphic (bottom). This bitmapped- fill object acts like a gradient fill in that it's not a single color, but the various color areas are not vector shapes.

Flash converts the bitmap to a special type of graphic and selects it. Flash doesn't have a specific name for this type of graphic, but let's call it a bitmapped-fill graphic. A bitmapped fill graphic is no longer a collection of individual pixels, each with its own color value; neither is it a collection of tiny vector shapes.

A bitmap you've broken apart acts more or less like a single vector shape with a gradient fill. (Macromedia describes this state as a number of discrete color areas.) If you click any area of the image now, you select the entire image.

Try setting the paint bucket to solid red; click the image, and it becomes a red rectangle. Don't forget to undo your experiment.



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