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Chapter 11. More- Complex Animation Tasks > Animating Multiple Motion Tweens

Animating Multiple Motion Tweens

As you learned in Chapter 9, Flash can motion-tween only one item per layer. You can tween multiple items simultaneously; you just have to put each one on a separate layer. You can use Onion Skin and Edit Multiple Frame modes to make sure that all the elements line up in the right place at the right time. To get a feel for tweening multiple items, try combining three simple motion tweens to create a game of Ping-Pong. One layer contains the ball; the other layers each contain a paddle.

To set up the three graphics in separate layers:

Open a new Flash document, and add two new layers.

This arrangement gives you a total of three layers in the movie.

Rename the layers.

Name the top layer Ball, the next layer 1st Paddle, and the bottom layer 2nd Paddle. Naming the layers helps you keep track of the elements and their locations.

Create the graphics.

On the Stage, in the Ball layer, use the oval tool to create a circle; in the layer named 1st Paddle, use the rectangle tool to create a paddle; and then copy the paddle and paste the copy into the layer named 2nd Paddle. Give each shape a different color. Your file should look something like Figure 11.11.

Figure 11.11. To have several graphics motion-tween simultaneously, you must place each one on a separate layer. Here, each item is on a separate layer. The descriptive layer names help you keep track of what goes where.



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