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Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Commands
Command Windows Macintosh Menu
100% (View) Ctrl-1 -1 View > Magnification
Actions Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Alt-A -Option-A Window
Add Shape Hint Ctrl-Shift-H Shift-H Modify > Transform
Align (Text) Center Ctrl-Shift-C -Shift-C Text > Align
Align (Text) Left Ctrl-Shift-L -Shift-L Text > Align
Align (Text) Right Ctrl-Shift-R -Shift-R Text > Align
Align Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-K -K Window > Panels
Antialias Text Ctrl-Alt-Shift-T -Shift-Option-T View
Antialias Ctrl-Alt-Shift-A -Shift-Option-A View
Bandwidth Profiler (Show/Hide) Ctrl-B -B View (in Test Movie mode)
Blank Keyframe F7 F7 Insert
Bold (Text) Ctrl-Shift-B -Shift-B Text > Style
Break Apart Ctrl-B -B Modify
Bring (Selected Item) to Front Ctrl-Shift-Up -Shift-Up Modify > Arrange
Bring (Selected Item) Forward Ctrl-Up -Up Modify > Arrange
Character Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-T -T Text, Window > Panels
Clear (Stage) Backspace Delete Edit
Clear Keyframe Shift-F6 Shift-F6 Insert
Close (File) Ctrl-W -W File
Convert to Symbol F8 F8 Insert
Copy (Selection) Ctrl-C -C Edit
Copy Frames Ctrl-Alt-C -Option-C Edit
Cut (Selection) Ctrl-X -X Edit
Cut Frames Ctrl-Alt-X -Option-X Edit
Debug Movie Ctrl-Shift-Enter -Shift-Enter Control
Decrease (Tracking) Ctrl-Alt-Left -Option-Left Text > Tracking
Default (Publishing) F12 F12 File > Publish Preview
Deselect All Ctrl-Shift-A -Shift-A Edit
Duplicate (Selection) Ctrl-D -D Edit
Edit Grid Ctrl-Alt-G -Option-G View > Grid
Edit Guides Ctrl-Alt-Shift-G -Shift-Option-G View > Guide
Edit Symbols Ctrl-E -E Edit
Enable Simple Buttons Ctrl-Alt-B -Option-B Control
Export Movie Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S -Shift-Option-S File
Fast (View) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F -Shift-Option-F View
First (Scene) Home Home View > Goto
Frame (Add) F5 F5 Insert
Frame Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-F -F Modify, Window > Panels
Frame-by-Frame Graph (Show) Ctrl-F -F View, in test movie-mode
Grid (Show/Hide) Ctrl-' -' View > Grid
Group (Selected Items) Ctrl-G-G Modify
Guides (Show/Hide) Ctrl-; -; View > Guide
Hide Edges (Show/Hide Selection Highlight) Ctrl-H -H View
Import Ctrl-R -R File
Increase (Tracking) Ctrl-Alt-Right -Option-Right Text > Tracking
Info Ctrl-Alt-I -Option-I Window > Panels
Instance Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-I -I Modify, Window > Panels
Italic (Text) Ctrl-Shift-I -Shift-I Text > Style
Justify (Text) Ctrl-Shift-J -Shift-J Text > Align
Keyframe (Add) F6 F6 Insert
Last (Scene) End End View > Goto
Library (Show/Hide) Ctrl-L -L Window
Lock (Group) Ctrl-Alt-L -Option-L Modify > Arrange
Lock Guides Ctrl-Alt-; -Option-; View > Guide
Movie (Properties) Ctrl-M -M Modify
Movie Explorer Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Alt-M -Option-M Window
New (File) Ctrl-N -N File
New Symbol Ctrl-F8 -F8 Insert
New Window Ctrl-Alt-N Option-N Window
Next (Scene) Page Down Page Down View > Goto
Open (File) Ctrl-O -O File
Open as Library Ctrl-Shift-O -Shift-O File
Optimize (Curves) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C -Shift-Option-C Modify
Outlines (View As) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O -Shift-Option-0 View
Panels (Show/Hide, including Toolbox) Tab Tab View
Paragraph Panel (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Shift-T -Shift-T Text, Window > Panels
Paste (Clipboard Contents) Ctrl-V -V Edit
Paste Frames Ctrl-Alt-V -Option-V Edit
Paste In Place Ctrl-Shift-V -Shift-V Edit
Plain (Text) Ctrl-Shift-P -Shift-P Text > Style
Play (Movie) Enter Return Control
Previous (Scene) Page Up Page Up View > Goto
Print Ctrl-P -P File
Publish Settings Ctrl-Shift-F12 -Shift-F12 File
Publish Shift-F12 Shift-F12 File
Quit Ctrl-Q -Q File
Redo Ctrl-Y -Y Edit
Remove Frames Shift-F5 Shift-F5 Insert
Remove Transform Ctrl-Shift-Z -Shift-Z Modify > Transform
Reset (Tracking) Ctrl-Alt-Up -Option-Up Text > Tracking
Rewind Ctrl-Alt-R -Option-R Control
Rulers (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R -Shift-Option-R View
Save As Ctrl-Shift-S Shift-S File
Save Ctrl-S -S File
Scale and Rotate Ctrl-Alt-S -Option-S Modify > Transform
Select All Ctrl-A -A Edit
Send (Selected Item) to Back Ctrl-Shift-Down -Shift-Down Modify > Arrange
Send (Selected Item) Backward Ctrl-Down -Down Modify > Arrange
Shape Hints (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Alt-H -Option-H View
Show All Ctrl-3 -3 View > Magnification
Show Frame Ctrl-2 -2 View > Magnification
Snap to Grid Ctrl-Shift-' -Shift-' View > Grid
Snap to Guides Ctrl-Shift-; -Shift-; View > Guide
Snap to Objects Ctrl-Shift-/ -Shift-/ View
Step Backward , , Control
Step Forward . . Control
Streaming (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Enter -Enter View (in Test Movie Mode, with Bandwidth Profiler active)
Streaming Graph (Show/Hide) Ctrl-G -G View (in Test Movie Mode)
Test Movie Ctrl-Enter -Enter Control
Test Scene Ctrl-Alt-Enter -Option-Enter Control
Timeline (Show/Hide) Ctrl-Alt-T -Option-T View
Undo Ctrl-Z -Z Edit
Ungroup Ctrl-Shift-G -Shift-G Modify
Unlock All Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L -Shift-Option-L Modify > Arrange
Work Area (View) Ctrl-Shift-W -Shift-W View
Zoom In Ctrl-= (equals sign) -= (equals sign) View
Zoom Out Ctrl-— (minus sign) Command-— (minus) View

Shortcut for Accessing Tools and Manipulating Elements
Operation/Tool Windows Macintosh
Arrow tool (select in Toolbox) V V
Arrow tool (temporary access) Ctrl
Brush tool (select in Toolbox) B B
Constrain (ovals to circles, rectangles to squares, lines and rotation to 45-degree angles) Shift-drag Shift-drag
Convert corner point to curve point (subselection tool) Alt-drag Option-drag
Create new corner point (arrow tool) Alt-drag a line Option-drag a line
Drag a copy of selected element on Stage Ctrl-drag Option-drag
Drag a copy of selected keyframe unit in Timeline Ctrl-drag Option-drag
Dropper tool (select in Toolbox) I I
End open path (pen tool) Ctrl-click Control-click
Eraser tool (select in Toolbox) E E
Hand tool (temporary access) Spacebar Spacebar
Show/Hide all but one layer Alt-click active layer's eye column Option-click active layer's eye column
Ink bottle tool (select in Toolbox) S S
Lasso tool (select in Toolbox) L L
Line tool (select in Toolbox) N N
Link/unlink layer to mask or motion guide layer Alt-click a layer icon Option-click a layer icon
Lock/unlock all but one layer Alt-click active layer's padlock column Option-click active layer's padlock column
Magnifier tool (select in Toolbox) M, Z M, Z
Magnifier zoom-in tool (temporary access) Ctrl-Spacebar -Spacebar
Magnifier zoom-out tool (temporary access) Ctrl-Shift-Spacebar -Shift-Spacebar
Move keyframe unit in Timeline Click-and-drag Click-and-drag
Nudge selected element down 8 pixels Shift-Down arrow Shift-Down arrow
Nudge selected element to the left 1 pixel Left arrow Left arrow
Nudge selected element to the left 8 pixels Shift-Left arrow Shift-Left arrow
Nudge selected element to the right 1 pixel Right arrow Right arrow
Nudge selected element to the right 8 pixels Shift-Right arrow Shift-Right arrow
Nudge selected element up 1 pixel Up arrow Up arrow
Nudge selected element up 8 pixels Shift-Up arrow Shift-Up arrow
Nudge selected element down 1 pixel Down arrow Down arrow
Oval tool (select in Toolbox) O O
Paint bucket tool (select in Toolbox) K K
Pen tool (select in Toolbox) P P
Pencil tool (select in Toolbox) Y Y
Rectangle tool (select in Toolbox) R R
Select multiple layers Shift-click Shift-click
Select noncontiguous layers Ctrl-click Control-click
Set fill and stroke color simultaneously Shift-click with the dropper tool Shift-click with the dropper tool
Show outlines for all but one layer Alt-click that layer's outline column Option-click that layer's outline column
Subselection tool (select in Toolbox) A A
Switch magnifier tool temporarily from zoom-in to zoom-out and vice versa Alt Option
Text tool (select in Toolbox) T T



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