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Chapter 13. Interactivity with Objects > Creating a Basic Rollover Button - Pg. 535

535 Chapter 13. Interactivity with Objects As you learned in the preceding chapter, Macromedia Flash's frame actions give you control over a movie's playback, but object actions let you put viewers in the driver's seat, giving them the power to interact directly with a Flash movie. You can create ActionScripts for two kinds of objects: buttons and movie clips. Buttons can be simple, displaying static graphics that change slightly as you roll over them and click them. Or buttons can be wild and animated, using movie clips and sounds. In Flash 5, movie clips themselves have become vehicles for controlling interactivity. Movie clips can respond to user input, Timeline-related cues, and input from variables, making them highly flexible for advanced ActionScripters. In this chapter, you learn to create buttons and attach simple ActionScripts to buttons and movie clips. To get a taste of more complex interactivity, check out Chapter 15. Creating a Basic Rollover Button