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Printing from Flash Player

Flash 5 gives you the option of letting your viewers print some or all of a movie directly from Flash Player. You can allow viewers to access a print command from Flash Player's contextual menu. By default, the contextual menu's Print command prints every frame in the movie. You restrict printing to certain frames by labeling them as printable in the original Flash document. You can also create buttons for printing frames of your Flash movie.

To set frames to print from the contextual menu:

Create a Flash document with keyframes in frames 1 through 3.

Place different content in each frame to make it easy to tell which frames you've actually printed.

In the Timeline, select Keyframe 1.

Access the Frames panel.

If the Frames panel is not currently open, choose Modify > Frame or Window > Panels > Frame.

To define the selected frame as printable, in the Label field, enter #p (Figure 16.51).

Figure 16.51. To define keyframes that print when viewers choose Print from Flash Player's contextual menu, select the keyframe and enter #p in the Label field of the Frames panel.

In the Timeline, select Keyframe 3.

Repeat Step 4.

Publish your Flash movie, and view the resulting Flash Player file in your browser.

To access the contextual menu, Control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) anywhere in the movie window.

The contextual menu appears (Figure 16.52).

Figure 16.52. In your browser, Control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) to access the Flash Player's contextual menu. Choosing Print outputs all the pages defined as printable.

Choose Print.

Flash prints frames 1 and 3, skipping Frame 2.



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