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Chapter 14. Adding Sound to Your Movies > Organizing Sounds in Separate Layers

Organizing Sounds in Separate Layers

Nothing prevents you from adding sounds in layers that contain other content, but your movie will be easier to handle—and sounds will be easier to find for updating and editing—if you always put sounds in separate layers reserved just for your soundtrack. Flash can handle multiple sound layers.

To add a layer for sound:

Open a new Flash document, or open an existing one to which you want to add sound.

In the Timeline, select a layer.

Do one of the following:

  • From the Insert menu, choose Layer (Figure 14.6).

    Figure 14.6. It's best to keep sounds in separate layers from the graphics and actions in your movie. To add a new layer, choose Insert > Layer.

  • In the Timeline, click the Add Layer button.

Flash always adds the new layer directly above the selected layer. If you want to add a layer below the current bottom layer, you'll need to create it and then reposition it at the bottom of the stack.

Drag the layer to the desired position in the layer stacking order.

The position in the stacking order of layers has no effect on the playback of sounds in the movie, but you may find it helpful to place all your sound layers at either the bottom of the layers or at the top so that you can find them easily.

To rename the layer, double-click the layer name.

Flash activates the text field containing the name, and you can type a new name to identify this sound layer.

To exit the text field, press Enter or click outside the text field.



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