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Importing Sounds

The procedure for importing sounds is just like the procedure for importing bitmaps or other artwork: You use the File > Import command. Flash brings the sound file into the library for the current movie, and you drag a copy of the sound from the Library window into that movie.

To import a sound file:

From the File menu, choose Import (Figure 14.3).

Figure 14.3. Choose File > Import to bring sounds into your Flash file.

The standard file-import dialog box appears (Figure 14.4).

Figure 14.4. The Import dialog box (Mac, top; Windows, bottom) allows you to import sound files into Flash. Choose the sound-file type that is appropriate for your platform—AIFF (Mac) or WAV (Windows)—from the pop-up file-types menu.

From the Show menu (Mac) or the Files of Type menu (Windows), choose the format of the sound file that you want to import.

Flash imports AIFF files for the Mac, WAV files for Windows, and MP3 files for both platforms.

Navigate to the sound file on your system.

Select the file.

(On the Mac, you must also click the Add button to add the file to the list for import. You can import several sound files by adding them to the import list.)

Click Import (Mac) or Open (Windows).

Flash imports the sound file that you selected, placing it in the library. Flash displays the waveform of the sound in the Library preview window (Figure 14.5).

Figure 14.5. Flash keeps sound files in the library, giving them a separate sound-file icon. You can see the waveform for a selected sound in the preview window. Click the Play button to hear the sound.



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