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Stopping Sounds

Although event sounds normally play to the end, you can force them to stop at a specific keyframe. To issue an instruction to stop a specific sound, you must set that sound's Sync parameter to Stop.

To stop playback of a sound:

Create a new 15-frame Flash movie with two fairly long event sounds (at least 3 seconds); place one sound in Frame 1 and the other in Frame 5.

(For more detailed instructions, see "Adding Sounds to Frames" earlier in this chapter.) In this example, Frame 1 contains the sound Sound-wolf_howl and Frame 2 contains the sound Sound-Cricket. (Both sounds are from Flash's Sound lesson. To use these sounds yourself, open the Sound lesson movie's library and drag a copy of each sound to your movie.)

In the Timeline, insert a new blank keyframe at Frame 8 (Figure 14.28).

Figure 14.28. Inserting a new keyframe cuts off your view of the preceding sound's waveform in the Timeline. If the sound is an event sound, however, it continues playing through the keyframe.

Flash cuts off the waveform at Frame 8 because of the keyframe, but on playback, the event sounds continue to play after Frame 8.

Select Keyframe 8.

In the Sound panel, from the Sound pop-up menu, choose Sound-wolf_howl.

From the Sync pop-up menu, choose Stop (Figure 14.29).

Figure 14.29. To stop a sound's playback at a specific point in a movie, select the keyframe where the sound should stop. From the Sound panel's Sound menu, choose the sound you want to stop. From the Sync menu, choose Stop. Here, the Stop instruction refers to the Sound-wolf_howl sound.

Flash uses this instruction to stop playback of the wolf-howl sound at Frame 8.

Flash places a small square in the middle of Frame 8 in the Timeline to indicate that the frame contains a stop-sound instruction (Figure 14.30).

Figure 14.30. In the Timeline, a small square in the middle of a keyframe indicates the presence of the stop-sound instruction.

Play your movie to hear the sounds in action.

The wolf howl starts immediately; the crickets kick in at Frame 5. When the playhead reaches Frame 8, the wolf cuts out but the cricket continues playing even after the playhead reaches the end of the movie.



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