With Flash 4's slick, fast-loading vector graphics and animation, you can transcend the limits of HTML, building sites as hot as your imagination! Now, learn Flash 4 in a flash from a professional Web designer-through real-world projects you can view live on a linked website! Start with the basics, then master every key technique, from animation through navigation, interactivity through building a complete opening sequence. Best of all, the projects are linked to a live website where you can see (and download) each Flash effect, in each stage of completion. It's all the guidance you'll need-every step of the way!

You'll learn all this, and much more!

  • Flash basics: Drawing and modifying text and shapes

  • Texture fills, transparency, and imported graphics

  • Animation: Timelines, frames, tweening, fading, transitions, and more

  • Interactivity, including symbols, buttons, actions, sound effects, and forms

  • Fine-tuning your graphics with advanced techniques

  • Building animated opening sequences, step-by-step!

  • Publishing to the Web: pre-loading, plug-in detection, and server settings

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