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Chapter II. Leadership in E-Business > Introduction - Pg. 13

13 Chapter II. Leadership in E-Business Owen Cope Accenture, Australia Dianne Waddell Edith Cowan University, Australia Abstract Inevitably, the adoption of any new technology brings about change, but e-business is significantly different in that it completely shifts global business into a fast-paced electronic environment. The old notions of management are totally ineffective and a new style, focused on 'leadership', is required--but what style of leadership? To determine the most appropriate leadership style, senior managers from the top 250 e-commerce companies in Australia were selected and surveyed. Using a change management matrix, each manager was positioned within this framework. This model consists of a four-by-four matrix encompassing the scales of change and the styles of change man- agement. The model covers the broad spectrum of levels of change that an organisation can go through. The authors found that within the most successful organizations, leaders had a distinctive style that facilitated the appropriate change and established a conducive e-business environment. The data highlights that qualities such