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Chapter 18. Integration with Enterprise ... > Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are large, complex, and expensive. They are also the core information system for many companies. In this section, we describe the relevant points of some of the leading commercial ERP systems.

  • SAP R/3

    SAP R/3 is the client-server-based successor to the mainframe R/2. Major R/3 modules include Financial, Sales and Distribution, and Manufacturing. For the most part, SAP R/3 is implemented using the proprietary language ABAP/4. Program modules are stored in a business object repository layered on a relational database and are compiled on demand. R/3 also uses the relational database for both master data (such as customers and products) and business documents (such as orders and invoices). SAP R/3 runs on most major operating system platforms and databases.

  • Oracle Applications

    Oracle Applications is an ERP suite that includes Oracle Financials and other modules. Like SAP R/3, Oracle Applications is a client-server system organized around a relational database. Unlike SAP R/3, which can use several different database systems, a variety of databases, Oracle Applications uses many proprietary facilities of Oracle's own database product. Most program modules are coded in Oracle's proprietary language, PL/SQL.

  • PeopleSoft

    PeopleSoft's application software business grew from its initial applications in the areas of human resources and employee services into a complete ERP suite. Like the others, PeopleSoft is based on a proprietary language, PeopleTools, that began as a way of customizing user interface screens and connecting them to database records. Recent versions of PeopleSoft applications use a third-party distributed transaction processing monitor/middleware—namely, BEA Tuxedo.

  • J.D. Edwards

    The OneWorld application suite from J.D. Edwards is primarily used by midsized enterprises. It is implemented on IBM AS/400 mainframes.



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