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Chapter 14. Payment Acceptance and Processing > Before You Enable Transactions

Before You Enable Transactions

Before we list and describe some of the leading credit card transaction systems and services, here are some additional fundamental installation points.

  • No two services work exactly alike. Thus we won't providing a step-by-step solution here. Authorize.net and a couple of the other services are very simple to install and often complete instructions on their Web sites.

  • High-end solutions usually involve some scripts and some custom installation and configuration. If you need this kind of setup, you should make sure all parties involved with building your site's transaction system agrees on what to use. That means the hosting provider, the software vendor whose commerce server you use, the site developer, your bank, the actual transaction technology provider, and, of course, you.

  • Partners. Many of the companies described below have reseller and integrator partners that you can work with to order and install the actual service. See their Web sites for more information or ask them about recommended help.

  • Hosted solutions. If you choose a hosted solution for your transaction processing, ask them how seamless the service is. Some systems generate different headings on the URL bar on the browser or don't offer customizable templates. This can confuse customers. If you do go this route, and either the URL is different or there is some other indicator that you've outsourced your processing, you might place a word or two about this on the order page or elsewhere on your site to ease the security or privacy concerns of your customers.

  • Compare rates. Also ask about the ability to process transactions outside the U.S. and about supported banks and cards. Every service will have different rates, they will not always interface with your bank, and they may not support all the various types of cards (especially Diners Club, JCB, and European cards).



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