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Chapter 7. Joe's Template For Store Desi... > Constructing a User-Friendly Web Sit... - Pg. 92

Joe's Template For Store Design 92 If you want to create a database-driven Web site, you should talk with a capable Web site developer (unless you truly fit that description yourself). There are also some online solutions such as Yahoo Store ( that make it even easier. These services feature simple, easy-to- maintain databases. However, unlike a complete custom database service, these solutions and other similar offerings trade flexibility for ease-of-use and lower pricing. The rest of this chapter focuses on the HTML associated with all Web sites and, more specifically, stores. In Chapter 25, you will find more discussion of database-driven Web store development. Many of the HTML tips from here on out are useful for those of you taking other approaches, such as Web-based building services like Yahoo Store, that require no HTML. Constructing a User-Friendly Web Site You can approach the structure of your Web site in many ways. The creativity and functionality of your site will determine, to a large extent, how well you compete in your particular market. You want your customers to be impressed the first time--and every time--they visit. You need to learn how to maintain a streamlined site that is informative, easy to navigate, and does not burden the customer with unnecessary fluff. Whatever your formula may be, make sure it gets to the point. The Tronix Web site (, for example, is streamlined and easy to use. Depending on your host, your hosting fees may increase with the amount of space allocated for your site. Therefore, keeping your site lean not only makes it easier to navigate and maintain, it can keep your monthly costs down. The entire Tronix site can be stored on a 3.5-inch floppy disk. A Simple Design Philosophy for Online Stores The chief activities of online shoppers are browsing, browsing, and browsing. It is critical that store