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Frequently Asked Questions 11 Should I hire someone to develop my site, or should I do it myself? That depends on your knowledge, your willingness to learn, and your cash flow. If you don't know HTML, don't care to know HTML, and have enough money, you can have someone do the work for you. If you're an established retailer like L.L. Bean or Eddie Bauer looking to build a Web presence, of course you'll want to hire someone to do the work. But if you're a small startup, learning HTML will allow you to do your own site maintenance while keeping your costs low. Designing your own site is also a creative, if grueling, process. It can be satisfying to put together your own site from scratch, much like creating a piece of art. Anyone can buy a painting and hang it in the living room. Few people can create that painting themselves. Are there any "Shop in a Box" products available? Yes. An example is Yahoo Store (, which is a combination authoring tool and hosting service. You can build your store on their browser and then the company serves your fin- ished site. You don't have to know any HTML (although you can take advantage of your HTML skills if you have them); you just enter the information you want to provide, such as names, prices, and de- scriptions. You can update your site as often as you want and all you need for software is an ordinary browser: Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Chapter 23 covers iCat Commerce Online. What are Net.Commerce, Open Market Transact, and Microsoft Site